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Diseases That Mosquitos Can Cause

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Is your locality filled with mosquitos and insects? In fact, it does not even have to be your locality! Even your backyard or terrace could be infested by them. All long as there are clutter and moisture around you, the chances of mosquitos hovering over your head exist. 

Apart from the annoying sound they make, there are some serious concerns they can cause. In such cases, mosquito control in Mount Pleasant can be of help. By helping you get rid of the mosquitos, they ensure that you never catch any of the following diseases. 


A plasmodium parasite is responsible for the transmission of malaria. It can happen through just a bite of an infected mosquito if your immunity isn’t as strong.

As symptoms, you might see a range of effects depending upon the species of the plasmodium parasite. But the most common ones include getting chills, flu-like fever, and excess sweating. However, you might not experience the symptoms immediately after being bitten. Luckily, it can be treated by a prescribed dosage of antimalarial drugs.


If affected by myiasis, you might face some typical symptoms such as itching. It might escalate to severe sensations like sharp stabbing aches in muscles. It begins with a red bump that enlarges later on.

Dengue Fever

Its symptoms often show up after a week or two of infection. You might experience severe headaches, high fever, or even nausea. External and visible symptoms include an uncontrollable red rash spreading across the bite.

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You might even feel your joints pain, which is a common symptom in all. However, it could also lead to bleeding.

The Best Prevention For You

Mosquitos can be more harmful than you think. They cause severe pain and diseases that could be fatal if the proper medication isn’t sought. The best way of preventing that is by hiring mosquito control agencies. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry!